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Jay Scott From Indianapolis

Kodi has grown into an incredible looking Welsh Corgi and with a personality that is endearing beyond words. When I walk him in the neighborhood I get multiple comments from neighbors about him being the most handsome dog they've ever seen.he's very socialized. He's very gentle with children.. When the neighbor children see him walk by they start yelling "Mommy, Mommy, it's Kodi." SO CUTE.

Mr / Wallie From Canada

"Very well mannered and beautiful breed of dogs!!! Could not be any happier than I am right now!!! My 'Nova' baby girl is the sweetest and best puppy I have ever owned, and I have had my share of puppies!!! I have always been a Boxer person, but had I found this breed earlier in life may not of been able to say that. Will be sharing pictures her as soon as I can break away from spoiling my little girl!!! I was scared of sending money without seeing her but they did ship her right to my home and she was delivered to me safely, She is one of Gods newest blessings for me and cannot say enough how thankful I am that he bestowed such an honor upon me!!!"

S. Yates, From Colorado

Just got home with Zoey. She is so sweet and full of energy. I just wanted to say thank you again for her. She has already brought so much joy to my heart.

Donas Rugg  TN, USA

Beowa turned 8 months in Jan. She is the most eager to please dog and has never met someone who wasn't her best friend. Follows my boys everywhere. Thanks for letting us bring her into our family

Miss / Sophie From Canada

"Luna traveled from USA (Terrific Corgi Home) to Montreal and we were worried about sending money to them without getting to see her personally and her traveling alone, but everything went great, She got to us as promised and was delivered to our home she was exactly as we saw her on the picture. She is healthy, intelligent, sociable (even with cats!) and affections. We love her very much

Mr / Connie From Chicago, IL

"My Lexus is now 14 months old and is the sweetest; prettiest black and tan. I love her to pieces. Their adult Corg's are quality dogs. Lexus is a little princess." She was shipped to me and the shipping process went smoothly just as they said, i recommend Terrific  Corgi Home to anyone who is looking for a healthy and well breed Corgi puppy.

Miss / Michelle From Texas

"We had a very positive experience with ""Terrific Corgi Home"". I enjoyed talking with them. they where always very helpful every time I called with a question. Our Corgi just turned a year old in Sept and he is doing great! Very healthy and a great dog!!!"

Miss / Renae From Florida

"I received my perfect baby pup from ""Terrific Corgi Home'"" and had such a wonderful experience. Replies were always prompt and they included me as much as possible from the time i paid for her until she was finally in my arms. She is a sweet, energetic, loyal and extremely lovable pup, just like a Corgi should be! I have found so much happiness from her already!"

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